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ALL participants must fill out a Vertical eXcape Release prior to climbing or belaying.

Participants under the age of 18 must have it completed by his/her own PARENT or COURT-APPOINTED legal guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Follow the “Online Waiver” button on the top of the page to start your Release.

 Minimum age is 5 years old.



There are several types of climbing that can be done in our gym based on the level of training you wish to complete: Bouldering, Top Roping, Auto-Belays, and Sport Climbing.


Auto-Belay and/or Bouldering – $20

Complete either or both of these short orientations to do just these types of climbing on all auto-belay stations and/or in 2 bouldering areas. Our staff will work with you as long as it takes to make sure you understand how everything works, but this orientation usually lasts 15-20 minutes. This is great for:

  •         climbers who want to “dive right in” and get going quickly
  •         parents who are bringing multiple kids or who don’t want to belay
  •         adult climbers who don’t have a partner or prefer to climb alone
  •         parents who want to climb alongside their kids

Auto-belay orientations are done on even-numbered hours of the day (12pm, 2pm, 4pm, etc).  No reservation is required, but calling ahead can help us be prepared for your visit. Packages include orientation, all-day climbing pass, and all gear rental.  Children 11 and under must be supervised and double-checked by an adult (who will also receive orientation at no charge).



Full-Access Package – $25

The Full-Access Package includes the full belay course, all-day climbing pass, and gear rental package. After successfully completing our Belay Course, participants will be trained to climb on all top-rope stations, all auto-belay stations, and both bouldering areas.  This package is best for climbers who want to build a basic foundation of knowledge about indoor climbing, and want access to every climbing station in the gym. This training typically lasts 35-45 minutes.

Climbers must be 12 or older to learn to belay for other climbers. If the climber is under 12, we will include Belay certification for an adult as part of the package price.

The training course consists of a training video followed by a hands-on practice session facilitated by our staff. The course is offered Monday – Friday at 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm, & 7:00pm and Saturdays at 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, & 5:00pm.  No reservation is required, but each class does have a maximum size. Feel free to call and make a reservation for the specific class you want to join. Groups of 6 or more must call ahead for availability.



The one-time trial membership is an obligation-free taste of gym membership. It includes access to any of our daily training or orientations, unlimited climbing and gear rental during regular business hours for 30 days, and access to our weekly climbing technique and strength training sessions. The Trial does not include other membership perks like gear discounts or guest privileges.


After orientation and training are complete, day-users and members are free to enjoy whichever types of climbing stations they are certified to use until the end of business hours.