Team Building


Teamwork is the heart and soul of every business, organization, or sports team. No matter what the group’s goals are, teamwork is the key to moving forward. Pulling together requires leadership, trust, communication, instinct and goal setting from all participants.

The Vertical eXcape’s Team Challenge is a growth-oriented program which allows the group to develop teamwork through experimentation with problem-solving and communication activities. The program is designed work for all fitness levels and abilities. Our Team Challenge is a great way to build unity whether you are starting a new team or refreshing an existing one!

More than an office softball team…
We know there are many choices when it comes to choosing activities that can improve team effectiveness. Here are just a few reasons why Vertical eXcape’s Team Challenge may be the right choice for your team. Vertical eXcape’s Team Challenge activities:TB CK13

  • Emphasize the importance of working together without creating the “Win/Lose” dichotomy of team sports.
  • Rejuvenate employees’ minds and bodies – while your staff enjoys a day together out of the office.
  • Encourage involvement from all members – not just those comfortable sharing ideas in a group setting.
  • Help participants develop and reinforce skills needed to overcome real-world problems.


Cost: $40 per participant for 1/2-day (4 hrs) program.

Program SizeMinimum 10 / Maximum 40 (14 to 20 participants is ideal)

Programming: Although we are a rock climbing facility, not all of our Team Challenge

activities incorporate climbing. We tailor each program to fit the group’s specific needs and physical condition.

Our Team Challenge program has been successful for many corporate, church and school groups such as General Electric, Red Spot Paints, University of Southern Indiana, Gibson Southern High School, Earl C. Clements Job Corp Academy, and Premier Manufacturing.

We look forward to helping your TEAM grow!

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